The summer is here and the boating season is officially open. It's always kind of a mystery what to expect and what to pack for your day out on the water. I think this list of important essentials might just put your mind at ease.
Are you Yachting this weekend?...
  • Jacket or a Windbreaker 
No matter how hot it is at your house or even in the marina when you arrive, once you get out on the water the weather could be drastically different or it could change on a dime. Better be prepared!

  • GoPro & Phone charger: wall, car (12 V), USB and a Battery Pack
Always bring your own charger. The bigger the yacht - the more likely it would be running a generator and you would be able to use your regular wall charger. If the yacht is smaller then 50ft and you are not sure, it's a great idea to bring your car charger (12V), because the wall outlets might not be on when you are out. Also take USB cable with you for the newer yachts. Complicated? To take away the headache and to make sure you have enough battery life for all those IG pics and Periscoping bring a Battery pack, like this one HERE by NOMAD. These guys make every gadget you need for your Phone and GoPro to stay mobile and charged. 
  • Bikini
Well, unless you are out there whale watching in the middle of the winter or there is absolutely no chance for a nice day, throw in a bikini in your tote. It doesn't take much space anyways:-)

  • Boat shoes (easily removable or white sole shoes)
I know you have your eye set on a pair of nice high heels to go with your outfit! 
Sorry, but heels on a boat is like a gown in a night club!
If you are lucky to be going out on a Super or Mega Yacht (at least over 100 ft) you could get away with a pair of comfy-looking wadges, but I guarantee you will not be comfy onboard! You can arrive in style and bring some boat shoes to switch into or something with white soles, and be prepared to be asked to take your shoes off: so make sure your pedicure is looking good! ;) 

  • NO Red Wine (White or Rose is great)
It's a nice gesture to bring wine, but do your yacht hosts a favor and steer clear of the Reds - fiberglass and teak decking's worst nightmare. Play it safe and stick to the Whites and Roses
  • Sun glasses (polarized)
Don't forget about the sunglasses! Fashionable is important, but remember, it has to be functional. I highly recommend using polarized sunglasses to protect your eyes and you will have a much better chance to see the marine life. Read more HERE.

  • Hat and Hair Tie
Most of you probably think of a big floppy hat, when you picture a yacht...well, it's the glam-magazine conditioning talking. Considering the wind, a baseball cap is much more practical. I know, I know...that's not my hat of choice either! But there is hope...there are plenty of beautiful hats out there (floppy, fedoras, etc) which have a build-in inner drawstring to help you stay fabulous and comfortable at the same time. I don't have this problem with my short hair-do nowadays, but all you ladies with long beautiful hair, make sure you bring a hair tie. The wind is cruel, and it's really hard to enjoy yourself with mouth and eyes full of your own hair.

  • Seasickness pills (Bonine) and Ginger Chews
I have written a whole post on Seasickness HERE. Make sure you throw in some Ginger Chews into your tote, they really do work wonders.

  • Sunscreen (NO aerosol bottle)
Well, "that's a no-brainer", you might think. Obviously, make sure to bring some sunscreen, but here are some important points. Go up with SPF number by at least 10, for example if you normally use SPF30, you should use a min of SPF40 or 45 on the water. The ocean and the light boat deck creates a strong reflection and you get a lot more sun exposure then you used to. Also, avoid using spray/aerosol sunscreens. The wind makes it impossible to use it on the boat and it ends up all over the fiberglass and not your body, not to mention the real safety hazard (slippery surfaces) it creates. More about Safety HERE Another must have is a Sundicator bracelet (bring a couple for your friends) to help you stay on top of how much sun you are getting. It changes colors to let you know when it's time to reapply or to get out of the sun. Learn more HERE.
  • Lip balm with SPF
The combination of the Wind and the Sun could really abuse your lips. Get some moisturizing lip balm with a min SPF15. Once onboard, put it in your pocket to have it close by.  

  • NO sharp zippers and buttons, or clothing that might stain
We all know how devastating sharp buttons or jean dyes could be to a light color car seat, are no different. Stay away from anything sharp on your clothing, especially on the back, butt and pockets. Also consider the often light or white vinyl cushions onboard and clothing that might color them. See dress code ideas HERE.  

  • Phone Safety (case and good pockets)
Your phone is your life, make sure you protect it from the elements and yourself ;) A good grippy case is a must if you are planning to use your phone onboard. Some cases allow you to attach a wrist strap to keep it safe. Another issue that I see all the time, is the shallow pocket clothing or the lack of pockets. When you plan your outfit make sure you are thinking of a safe “phone pocket”, or an outer layer that has one.
Have an amazing time on the water! Stay Safe!


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