I have not met a girl yet that doesn't have a shoe addiction. I love shoes! Heels, flats, wedges...all of it! But the Nautical Lifestyle has definitely had a major impact on my shoe taste. I now have many pairs of cute flats and boat shoes in every nautical shape and style: stripes, anchors...you name it! These Blue-Anchor-Beauties just recently stole "the Shoe corner" of my heart. 
So In this post I'm featuring them and one of my fav shoe brands: Loly in the Sky
Handmade in Mexico, Loly's are so comfy and beautiful! The attention to the detail is what makes them really stand out: from the cool packaging to the extra soft insole. The designs are unique and they continue to surprise me with every collection! 

Here are some of the styles I own:
But it comes with a warning: “You can never have just 1 pair of Loly in the Sky! Prepare to be hooked!”
Get your Loly Fix! Use my Code NAUTISTYLESSUMMER to GET 10% OFF till July 15th! Shop HERE
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07/20/2016 3:53pm

I absolutely love your Blog.

08/26/2016 10:16am

Thank you so much Marti, it really means a lot:-)


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