Day 1:
What a relief...I'm not the only girl in my class! Our instructor Robert is super nice, funny and definitely has his Sh*t together. I'm sharing the overall excitement of my classmates...This is gonna be fun!

Day 2: 
We started on the Rules of the Road today. After my husband's stories I was prepared for the worst, but it's really not that bad. Piece of cake! Also, I think the Chart plotting might really be my thing.

Day 3: 
Lights, shapes, sounds...this is kind of a lot of stuff...well, Robert said it's gonna be fine, so I trust will be! Still loving this Chart plotting thing! I'm kicking butt! 
Day 4: 
Crap, it is pretty hard, more rules and more madness. Why couldn't they just keep it simple, streamline it...same thing means different things....gggrrrr, it's gonna be ok...just remember some of the “captains” you have did they pass this? can't be that bad...
Day 5: 
Oh it's BAD, it's real, real bad! Robert said to “trust the system” like 3 times today, I'm really trying. These damn Rules of the Road are officially starting to make no sense. And now the Aids to Navigation are in the mix as well! Do I actually need this Captain's license?

Day 6:
Today I'm trying to focus on the positive. Chart plotting is fun! Chart plotting is really fun! Why can't it all be this easy and fun? Robert's got a joke and a story for everything and his lighthearted teaching style has been brightening this gruesome and dry material. But I think for at least half of my class the initial excitement has been permanently replaced with fear of the Rules of the Road Exam. 
Day 7: 
Well, when I'm wrong – I'm wrong. This Captain's license has officially taking over my life. I have spend the whole last week practicing the Rules. Robert's system is definitely working, I'm doing better, but I'm really starting to despise the Coast Guard. How mean can they be? I mean, International vs. Inland? Is this really necessary? 
Day 8: 
Robert told us all today that we can stop studying the Rules of the Road, we are not gonna get much better at this point. But we have to get 90% right...and I'm only getting 85-87% on all of my practice tests...Why am I doing this again? What am I trying to prove? Maybe I should just tell my husband he was right and let him laugh at my face? Tomorrow is a new day, it's all gonna get better!
Day 9: Yeah, it's official: There is NO way in hell I'm gonna pass this test. I emailed Robert last night that I'm freaking out and I feel like I don't know anything! The test is tomorrow, Kill me NOW!!!

Robert replied with:  
Using your mouse - sweeping from left to right - highlight the blank space immediately below this sentence to reveal the hidden solution…

Breathe. =;>)

Not funny Robert (well, just a little), I'm seriously freaking out!

Today just to toy with us, Robert showed us our Certificates! “Check out what you have to look forward to tomorrow!” he said. I think that was supposed to inspire us...yeah...good stuff!
Exam Day:
4 exams in 4 hours...Breathe...I mean what if you actually pass?! You got this, you are ready! Breathe, Breathe...
Rules of the Road first...first 7 questions are NUTS! Yeah, I really do not need this captain's husband is so much smarter then me...hhhmm, it's getting easier, or maybe I'm just conditioning myself at this point...this is gonna be a close one. As I'm turning it in, Robert is laughing at my constipated face...kind of making me feel better about this whole thing...I mean, he offers a free spot in the next class to loosers like I really have to do this all over again? I don't think I can!

Deck General, Navigation, Chart Plotting...oh my Favorite Chart Plotting, don't let me down!!!  

Is it really over? Am I done?

 I'm so hungry, but I can't eat stomach is a knot...a rope Ashley Stopper Knot to be exact!
Robert is grading the exams....feels like this wait will never end...I can see now why so many people do this once and if they don't pass on the first try - never come back...I have so much respect for all the captains out there! It doesn't matter actually if I don't pass, I learned so's starting to sink in...I actually know so much more now compared to when I walked through that door 3 weeks go...I know the right-the-ways (well I guess the Exam will show), the fog signals, the day shapes, the markers, the fire fighting technics, the ropes, the, forget the test...captain or not, I felt a lot more confidant about being on board right now...I think I'm gonna buy myself a captain's hat either way. Ha!

The results are in, Robert certainly enjoys this drumroll torture. “I have passed the Navi, the Deck General, the Aids” he says, “but on the Rules of the Road (Damn Rules!..aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh) I only got 94%”. Oh noooooo....Crap!!! Wait did he say 94??? What??? Robert is holding my certificate of completion in his hand...I think I might be hugging him, yep I'm definitely hugging Robert.

“Trust me, trust the system!” he said...”Breathe!”...I can't believe it actually worked...”Look at me! I'm the Captain NOW!”

Well, not so fast...again!

to be continued...
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04/15/2016 6:16am

I took physics for my degree and i was the only lady. Sometimes i feel there are somethings for a particular gender. However i did well with the degree. It will be tough but is possible. Yes is good to trust the system. Congratulations.


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