The “nearly to impossible” test is over...just a sec, I'll be right back (I have to do the happy dance)...ok, I'm back!
And now I just have a few items to check off the USCG application list...
   1.  go to Captain School - CHECK
   2.  pass the US Coast Guard exam – CHECK
   3.  get a TWIC card
I made an appointment at a TSA office, 20 min later the card will be in the mail in a week – CHECK

   4.  get First Aid and CPR Certified
I did that already when my husband had to get his (I just wanted to learn), so – CHECK, CHECK

   5.  pass a Medical exam
   6.  pass the drug test
Walk in, do some tests, pee in the cup, pass an eye exam, wait for the tests to come back – CHECK, and CHECK 
  7.  collect and organize all of your Sea TimeWell, this is a fun one. And, speaking from experience, probably the second reason why many potential captains never actually get their licenses. This step takes patience, time and organization. I'm pretty organized, and it still took me a couple months to put it together. But finally – CHECK 

   8.  fill out an application - CHECK
   9.  turn it all in to the Coast Guard 
Seems like this would have been the easiest step, but I even had a hiccup there. My super secure TWIC card was so secure that the Coast Guard could not pull it up. Ha! But finally it's a CHECK!

All is left is to seat and wait for my cute-red-passport-looking-booklet to arrive in the mail. I know I said it was not about that, but it kind of is.

Captain V – now that actually sounds right, V is for Victory!
In conclusion
No matter what your reasoning is for getting a Captain License, and trust me when I say this, it's not going to be an easy ride. And even if you are going to have the best training, like I did with Advanced Maritime Education (by the way, Robert has a few courses coming up. Classes fill up fast so don't wait to sign up, you are going to wonder a few times though out this process if it is going to be worth it. But It will be! Just stick with it, learn, “trust the system”, put the time, effort and patience into it and “Aye, Aye Captain” you will be!

Your Girl Captain V

Featured in this post: Advanced Maritime Education 


Thank you for sharing this information. I can now tell this to my friends and family.


That was a very interesting and informative post.

07/13/2016 11:22am

I feel that every words you put on this article is always meaningful. That's just great!

08/13/2016 8:57am

Interesting article, quite satisfactory.


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