When it comes to cause and treatment of seasickness there are just as many personal opinions, as there are people on this planet. It's the elephant onboard no one wants to talk about, because “it's contagions” and “not fun”. There are 2 types of boaters: the ones that get seasick and the ones they don't. If you fall into the unlucky category, you have heard it all: “you will get used to it”, “don't drink”, “don't eat”, “look at the horizon”, “snap out of it”, “just don't think about it”...but you still get sick?
I did not want to do another post about a bunch of natural remedies and ideas that might help.
I believe understanding the problem is the first step to managing it.
  So what is seasickness? 

I wanted to do a post about a few beautiful pieces I got from the Los Angeles based brand Sienna Rose.
I'm in love with this colorful and stylish blouse, that I have chosen to wear as tunic in these pics.

There are not many truly Nautical prints out there. And the Stripes would be sad and lonely if it wasn't for the Chevron. Gotta love the Chevron.
Featured in this post: Sienna Rose Inc
We all call a boat - a “Yacht” and a yacht - a “Boat” just to make things easier.
But really, what is the difference? 

Last weekend was the Newport Beach Boat Show. It's not the biggest or the baddest Yacht Show we have in the US, but never the less we had to go...since we are still shopping for an upgrade (yes, my hubby is on the Yachtworld.com every day. #obsessed
So, once again the question is What To Wear? 

"Going to a Yacht Show with no info about the dress code is like hiking through the jungle in your bikini...unpleasant, to say the least."

It's not easy to be “The Real Deal”. It's also not a constant, not something you have achieved and don't have to do much after. On the outfit-by-outfit basis you have to find the balance between FF: Functionality and Fabulousness. When “The Real Deal” steps her foot onboard, she Rocks it! It doesn't mean that all she wears are shorts and pants...
I just recently had a friend on board who wore a super cute summer dress, but she had a pair of tight shorts underneath. She was able to be comfortable, but still unique in her fashion sense...

Unlike “The Could Be”, “The Wanna Be” woman makes a tremendous effort to look Nauti. She monitors Ralph Lauren, J.Crew, Guess or Travel magazine campaigns and takes notes. When you see “The Could Be” woman on board, she looks fabulous! Beautiful flowing, backless maxi dress which she pairs with some tall espadrille wedges or rhinestone covered flats, and a stunning jumbo brimmed hat the size of a flying saucer tops off the ensemble. As lovely as it may look in the print ad, the functionality?  Well, I don't have to explain...Let's just say it only works when you are docked.
 ”The Could Be” women are lacking the Nautical Lifestyle experience, and there is no one out there to help (well, expect for me. Lol I'm here for you, Ladies) ...

This woman has the advantage, the head start you might call it. She lives and breathes Nautical Lifestyle. She is either on a sailing team, owns a yacht, works in the industry or might even be a Captain. The Nautical style would automatically come with the territory, right? Wrong!
Somehow “The Could Be” woman is still stuck in the transitioning stage...

When talking about Yachting safely, most of the people think of avoiding storms or wearing a life jacket. It's “safe” to say, that even most of the experienced boaters have been hurt or injured on the boat at least ones in their lifetime. Why? Because it's just easy to get hurt on a vessel. Think about it, it's like navigating inside and outside of a moving car...a lot of things can go wrong. So, are there any precautions one can take to stay safe?
Here are my top 5 safety tips...

To Nail the Look - is a really fine line we - women walk every day. Most of the time just the shoes or necklace can make or break the Outfit.

    You get invited to go out on the yacht, you put a lot of effort into looking fabulous and nailing your Nautical look. You make it down to the beautiful marina feeling pretty confident about yourself, and your host says something like: “Board on the Port side. The head is down below, pass the galley next to stateroom at the bow”. “Sounds good” you say, meanwhile thinking to yourself “what the heck did you just say?”
Even though non of us know why the Nautical world has chosen to separate itself from the rest of the world with all the fancy terms, but we all have to pay the price to enter it. Wouldn't you just love to learn some simple and useful terms so you can shine in front of your friends, partner or a cute date?


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