The Land of the Whales met us with desert-brown scenery and never-ending-forks-on-the-off-road all leading back to the same path. As we pulled into the Kuyima Eco Camp lost oasis of civilization (well, sort of), the vast San Ignacio Lagoon opened up in front of us. 
The Eco-camp has a couple of options: “glamping” and “bring your own tent”. We chose “glamping”...

I'm getting goose bumps just thinking about that trip...since I was a kid touching a whale has been kind of a “untouchable” dream of mine...kissing a whale?! Well, that's just silly!
What if I told you there is a place on Earth you could have such a close encounter (legally and safely)?

Well, do you believe in fairy tales? 

The summer is here and the boating season is officially open. It's always kind of a mystery what to expect and what to pack for your day out on the water. I think this list of important essentials might just put your mind at ease.
Are you Yachting this weekend?...

The “nearly to impossible” test is over...just a sec, I'll be right back (I have to do the happy dance)...ok, I'm back!
And now I just have a few items to check off the USCG application list...

Day 1:
What a relief...I'm not the only girl in my class! Our instructor Robert is super nice, funny and definitely has his Sh*t together. I'm sharing the overall excitement of my classmates...This is gonna be fun!

Day 2: 
We started on the Rules of the Road today. After my husband's stories I was prepared for the worst, but it's really not that bad. Piece of cake! Also, I think the Chart plotting might really be my thing.

When it comes to cause and treatment of seasickness there are just as many personal opinions, as there are people on this planet. It's the elephant onboard no one wants to talk about, because “it's contagions” and “not fun”. There are 2 types of boaters: the ones that get seasick and the ones they don't. If you fall into the unlucky category, you have heard it all: “you will get used to it”, “don't drink”, “don't eat”, “look at the horizon”, “snap out of it”, “just don't think about it”...but you still get sick?
I did not want to do another post about a bunch of natural remedies and ideas that might help.
I believe understanding the problem is the first step to managing it.
  So what is seasickness? 

Last weekend was the Newport Beach Boat Show. It's not the biggest or the baddest Yacht Show we have in the US, but never the less we had to go...since we are still shopping for an upgrade (yes, my hubby is on the every day. #obsessed
So, once again the question is What To Wear? 

"Going to a Yacht Show with no info about the dress code is like hiking through the jungle in your bikini...unpleasant, to say the least."

Admitting you have a problem is the first step, doing something about it is another. I'm Victoria, and I am a Hat Addict (shoes as well, but let's handle one addiction at a time). I'm currently on a Fedora kick...but I don't discriminate...I like other hats as well! But that's not my actual problem...
The big challenge is there are NO cool Nautical solutions on the market to help me travel with my hats. Sure I can put 2 stacked fedoras on top of my head and get away with it, but 5 or 7, well I will look like a traveling lunatic with a Fedora problem (but with a perfect Nautical style I might add)...

Where do I begin...My Inspiration?! Maybe it started with sharing my passion for the ocean and sailing with my hubby...or us taking it a step further and buying a yacht last year...or our obsession with whales, him becoming a Captain and me a Certified Marine Naturalist...hmmm that explains "Nautical", but Fashion?!


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