Accessories are not to be taken lightly: they can make or break the outfit. Accessories are an extension of your style, an exclamation point at the end of your “statement”, a cherry of top! 
Today I'm featuring the new styles by one of my personal favorite Nautical Brands - Sail Swag... 

The Land of the Whales met us with desert-brown scenery and never-ending-forks-on-the-off-road all leading back to the same path. As we pulled into the Kuyima Eco Camp lost oasis of civilization (well, sort of), the vast San Ignacio Lagoon opened up in front of us. 
The Eco-camp has a couple of options: “glamping” and “bring your own tent”. We chose “glamping”...

I'm getting goose bumps just thinking about that trip...since I was a kid touching a whale has been kind of a “untouchable” dream of mine...kissing a whale?! Well, that's just silly!
What if I told you there is a place on Earth you could have such a close encounter (legally and safely)?

Well, do you believe in fairy tales? 

I have not met a girl yet that doesn't have a shoe addiction. I love shoes! Heels, flats, wedges...all of it! But the Nautical Lifestyle has definitely had a major impact on my shoe taste. I now have many pairs of cute flats and boat shoes in every nautical shape and style: stripes, name it! These Blue-Anchor-Beauties just recently stole "the Shoe corner" of my heart. 
So In this post I'm featuring them and one of my fav shoe brands: Loly in the Sky

The summer is here and the boating season is officially open. It's always kind of a mystery what to expect and what to pack for your day out on the water. I think this list of important essentials might just put your mind at ease.
Are you Yachting this weekend?...

Your bedroom might have the world's best mattress, but your bed is only as comfy as your bed sheets are...and a stateroom bed should feel no different!
Nautical style, comfort and functionality...where do I turn to?

The “nearly to impossible” test is over...just a sec, I'll be right back (I have to do the happy dance)...ok, I'm back!
And now I just have a few items to check off the USCG application list...

Day 1:
What a relief...I'm not the only girl in my class! Our instructor Robert is super nice, funny and definitely has his Sh*t together. I'm sharing the overall excitement of my classmates...This is gonna be fun!

Day 2: 
We started on the Rules of the Road today. After my husband's stories I was prepared for the worst, but it's really not that bad. Piece of cake! Also, I think the Chart plotting might really be my thing.

When you spend as much time on board as I do, you start wondering what would be the next step? What would be the ultimate goal that separates the recreational boater and a professional? Well, Captain comes to mind...CAPTAIN...hmmm, it's like trying on a new last name or a royal status...Captain Victoria, Captain V...that has a nice ring to it!
But can I do this? Can I really become a captain? Do I have what it takes? And what does it really take? outfit is complete without it. Anchor bracelets, belts, nautical stacks & watches...these amazing brands are taking Nautical into Stylish & Fashionable!
So here are some of my recent favs...


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