When talking about Yachting safely, most of the people think of avoiding storms or wearing a life jacket. It's “safe” to say, that even most of the experienced boaters have been hurt or injured on the boat at least ones in their lifetime. Why? Because it's just easy to get hurt on a vessel. Think about it, it's like navigating inside and outside of a moving car...a lot of things can go wrong. So, are there any precautions one can take to stay safe?
Here are my top 5 safety tips...

To Nail the Look - is a really fine line we - women walk every day. Most of the time just the shoes or necklace can make or break the Outfit.

    You get invited to go out on the yacht, you put a lot of effort into looking fabulous and nailing your Nautical look. You make it down to the beautiful marina feeling pretty confident about yourself, and your host says something like: “Board on the Port side. The head is down below, pass the galley next to stateroom at the bow”. “Sounds good” you say, meanwhile thinking to yourself “what the heck did you just say?”
Even though non of us know why the Nautical world has chosen to separate itself from the rest of the world with all the fancy terms, but we all have to pay the price to enter it. Wouldn't you just love to learn some simple and useful terms so you can shine in front of your friends, partner or a cute date?

Every great day starts with a package, well at least it should. I got a package this week...inside of it was another box...with a “magic word” on top: Nautica. And a little voice inside my head whispered: “Have a very Nauti Day, V!”


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